Sunday, March 17, 2013

Photo Blog: Mactan Cebu's Sutukil

After arriving at our hotel, we headed straight to Mactan for dinner. At first I thought we're just going to a restaurant called "Shoot to kill". I don't know if it's me who didn't understand at first but my mom keeps on saying  "Shoot to kill". she's been to the place many times so I believed her.

Me and my sister can't get hold of ourselves laughing when we arrived. the "Shoot to kill" our mom is talking about is actually Sutukil, a Cebuano word for a certain style of preparing and cooking dishes, especially seafoods. it is derived from the combined letters Su (sugba or grill), Tu (tula or stew) and Kil (kilaw or eating it raw).

One has to pick and buy the seafoods of their choice, the people in charge will then cook it for them. and voila! Seafood like no other :) only in Mactan Cebu!

The people going in for the "kil"
A heavy-weight pincher
Shellfishes - they scare me!
Sexy looking fishes
Salo Salo Sutukil

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Photo Blog: Philippine Taoist Temple, Cebu

This is my take on the Queen City's most famous Taoist Temple. It is located inside the Beverly Hills Subdivision where most of the wealthiest people in Cebu reside. Going there is an uphill route so it's much convenient to bring your own car or rent a cab, just tell the driver to wait for you on the entrance. I felt sorry for our driver, he is a native Cebuano but he has never been to the place. Good thing he agreed to take us, he now have his fair share of a happy first-time experience.

People usually have to climb 99 steps to reach the top but due to my mom's arthritis we were allowed to take the shortcut all the way to the other end. The place welcomes worshippers and non-worshippers alike, except that picture taking is not allowed inside temples. One cannot also make the temple as a background photo or take pictures beside it. 

Take the time to pray, light an incense stick, take pictures, sit back, enjoy the view, feel the cool breeze and relax. 

Entrance to the Temple

The walkway reminds me of the Great Wall of China

Beautiful plant and flower patches

Let the dragon guide you

Picturesque Dragon

Pagoda-like roof

The main temple

99 steps away from the main entrance