Tuesday, July 30, 2013

When in Boracay: the 2nd time around

Last week, me and my friends went to Boracay for a 3D2N vacation. A little bitin, but the come back to the island paradise sure was worth it. We didn't get the chance to do much because it's raining from time to time but we still enjoyed our stay to the fullest. 

Island Nook Boutique Hotel

Overall, I enjoyed our short 2 night stay. Rooms are clean with simple black and white interiors. We rented the double standard room for P2,150 per night which is good for 4 persons. The beds are comfortable and the air-con doesn't make any noise. The water heater works perfectly. They serve free breakfast for the guests. The WI-FI connection is steady and the staff are friendly and approachable. They offer hassle free round trip transfers to and from Kalibo airport for P1,000 per head. Just inform the hotel upon booking and they will be glad to arrange it for you.

Double Standard Room

ATV. More Fun in Boracay!

We tried the ATV ride via Zetro ATV & Buggy Car Adventures. we met kuya Bong in station 2 who managed to offer us a reasonable price of P450 per person for a one-hour ride. That includes free back and forth van transfers.

ATV route

The trail is short and simple, the goal is to drive yourself uphill and back. One can see Boracay dreamland and Zorb Park on the way. The last stop is upon reaching Mt. Luho, an attraction where you can see the picturesque view of Bolabog beach. There is an entrance fee of P150 per person though. We opted not to visit the peak as we want to go back to White Beach before night.

Snorkeling Stint

We were scheduled for Island Hopping on our second day but due to the strong current, we were not able to visit more islands and spent time on the snorkeling sites instead. Thanks to good ol' kuya Bong and his cousin, we got the boat rental for only P1,400. I think it's a pretty good price since there are only the three of us. 

Good Morning, Boracay!

Snorkeling gears - rented for P100.00 a piece
Crazy swimmers!
The tour took 3 hours more or less. We concentrated on swimming and snorkeling our hearts out, we even bought a piece of bread to feed the fishes. 'Twas a very nice experience! I can do this all over again once I get back =)


Eat, shop and relax. That's the way it is in Boracay =) One should have an ample budget when it comes to food and souvenirs. As for the three of us, we came prepared. ^ ^

We were tired after our ATV adventure so we walked along station I to have some refreshments. Jonah's fruit shake has become one of the tourist attractions in Boracay. They offer a wide variety of shakes and some snacks too. My perennial favorite is the mango milk. It's somewhat pricey for a shake, costs P95 but every sip is all worth it. 

We got ourselves Henna Tattoos before beach bumming on our second day. Tattoo artists are everywhere along Boracay's strip. The cost is P100 for small to medium designs. I got a flower design improvised by the artist himself as I cannot choose from the catalogue. We were told to rinse them with water only after an hour of application to remove the residue. 

colorful refrigerator magnets

We only had 4 hours to shop for pasalubong on our last day as our transfer will be picking us up early. It's raining but we had to shop no matter what so we borrowed the hotel's umbrellas and went to D'Mall. good thing it's very near our place, just 2 street corners away. There we bought ref magnets and key chains for our oficemates, friends and family. They're sold for P100 per seven pieces. Fancy bracelets are sold for P100 per five pieces depending on the design. White shirts can be bought for as low as P180 per 2 pieces. We were short of pictures as we were busy shopping :)

And that marks our short visit to paradise. I'm very dismayed about the weather. We could have done so much if not for the rain but I'm still thankful for the gift of life and friendship those three days had given me. I will definitely see you again this summer, Boracay!