Tuesday, June 30, 2015

First of summer in Burot Beach

Our busy schedule did not allow us to have an overnight summer vacation or longer so we decided to go on a day tour on one of the places near the Metro. Thanks to the very helpful post of blogger pinoyadventurista, me and my friends came up with the idea of spending our first summer getaway last year in Burot Beach.

On the day of the trip, we agreed to meet at MRT Taft station at 6AM. We then went to the Calatagan van terminal at the back of Kabayan Hotel. It was Labor Day during that time, many people were waiting in line and I guess almost all of us were headed on the same direction. We were seated after waiting for more than an hour. At long last, our adventure is about to begin!

10:30AM. after 3 hours of travel, we finally arrived at the Calatagan public market. The van/bus terminal is also situated there. A friendly tricycle driver approached us just as we arrived, he offered us a tricycle ride to Burot Beach. He seemed nice so we agreed. As we were only visiting for a day tour, we only bought light snacks, water and rice. we looked for a nearby carinderia and bought two variants of ulam.

The tricycle ride only took 5 to 10 minutes. the paths leading to the beach are bumpy and undeveloped as Burot is situated past a remote Barrio.

Upon entering, we were asked to pay for the day tour entrance fee. We then searched for a comfortable place to set up our tent. After eating our lunch, we first explored the place before swimming. The beach itself is small, it doesn't look like a beach after all - more like a cove. I did appreciate the off - white sand and blue green waters and we were lucky enough to spot some star fishes. they were awesome and beautiful!

Friendly reminders that you may want to take into account before planning your trip :)

1. Bring your own tent. while there are cottages, tables and tents for rent, it is best to bring your own. we went there during the peak season so tent rentals were out of sight. it was a good thing that our friend was prepared to bring his own.

2. Bring your own food. Because we were only there for half a day, I did not notice if there were food kiosks or mini restaurants available. There were people selling dirty ice cream, bottled water and snacks though. Also, please be mindful and responsible enough to clean after your trash. it will be very helpful if you bring your own trash bags.

 Burot Beach in Pictures :)

Upon entering Burot Beach
We managed to set up the tent in a shady area
My take on the beach front
Fine waters
The rocky part of the beach

Itinerary and Expenses

**Day tour only for a group of 3 people**

PHP 180.00 - Van - Pasay to Calatagan terminal
        150.00 - tricycle going to Burot Beach - 50 each
        105.00 - lutong ulam bought at the nearby carinderia - 35 each
         65.00 - day tour entrance fee
        150.00 - tricycle to the terminal - 50 each
        180.00 - Bus - Calatagan terminal to Baclaran

Individual expenses - P560.00 each

Note: this trip was held last May 1, 2014. transportation and entrance fees may change

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