Monday, April 18, 2016

Photo Blog: Global Village, Dubai UAE

Last December, I had the privilege to witness the beauty of Global Village, one of Dubai's wonderful seasonal attractions which highlights diverse cultures from around the world.

Since I was in Dubai for almost 5 months, me and my friend made a simple bucket list of the places that we want to visit and we opted to try this one first as tourists can get around the world in one day with this amazing attraction. We payed a minimal fee of 15 AED/189 pesos for the general admission ticket. Not bad!

Here are the Pavilions/Booths that stood out for me :)

Participating countries showcase their rich culture and heritage by selling interesting arts, crafts, foods, clothing and other things native or unique in their motherland. This event not only help generate income but boost tourism as well.



Malaysia, Singapore - and of course the Phillipines!


United States of America

Global Village 101

* The park is open seven days a week from 4PM to 12MN and 1AM on Thursdays, Fridays and public holidays.

* The latest season began last Nov 2015 and will end on April 2016.

* There are many food kiosks and restaurants available. Restrooms are also available on different parts of the park.

* As per getting there via commute, there are buses outside the Union metro station that go straight to Global Village and vice versa.

* There are cultural shows and mini amusement park that provides additional entertainment to guests.

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